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Spotted on the street . . .

 Hello cavedwellers.  This will be short, and there will be no mountains involved. Yesterday I went to Ginza to meet a friend and pick up a new pair of boots that arrived from the states to his p.o. box.  We had lunch with a friend in Ginza and it was such a beautiful day so I couldn't help but go for a long walk to break them in.  I walked through the Imperial Palace, Hibiya Park, Akasaka, Omotosando, Yoyogi Park, Inokashira Park.  26.6km when I finally got on a train in Mitaka. I love my boots; I've been buying a pair of the same ones every year for the past three years.  Unfortunately quality control doesn't seem to be a priority at Columbia these days. "You had one job . . . " I caught this sign in a window as I was walking down the street.  I respect anyone who has respect for man caves . . . but these are too many rules for my taste, though.  The only rule of my man cave is "Get off my lawn." Here are some pics of the walk.  Have a nice day. Around

Foiled again. Mt. Fuji has entered the Witness Protection Program and is nowhere to be seen.

Greetings cave creatures.  Welcome to my cave.  Pull up a rock. We just had the second of two three-day weekends in a row which were affected by typhoons.  I didn't think I'd be able to dodge the raindrops long enough to do it, but I was able to run down to Yamanashi for a day hike on Sunday.  I didn't get blown away, but fog and clouds were the order of the day. I hesitate to post this because I really like to make blog posts with stunning pictures showing the beauty of nature.  That's the main reason I started this blog.  In pointing through the beauty of nature, I hope ultimately to point the viewer to the artist who made it. The beauty in this post is more of the rain/fog/spider/snake kind than the usual beauty of the breathtaking vistas of distant mountain peaks.   Even if I can't show that many beautiful pictures, I at least want to post this information in hopes it can help someone plan a hike. Let me get the details out of the way. Location:  North side of

Leeches suck. Literally. Shiroyama to Miyagase Dam. 9/2022.

I'm with Charlie Allnut. Greetings cavedwellers of all shapes and sizes. Yesterday I continued hiking in an area that I've been meaning to knock off for a while but never have gotten around to.  Last week I made it down to Lake Tsui (Tsuiko) and Shiroyama in the adjacent Kanagawa Prefecture.  (A prefecture is kind of like a state or province.)  Yesterday I continued on from Shiroyama down south as far as the Miyagase Dam.  There aren't a tremendous amount of mountains between those two points, but making that hike enables me to cross another trail off on the map.  I like to have un-broken lines of hiked trails on my maps.  I can trace my footprints from Tokyo Station to Mt. Oyama, to the top of Mt. Fuji and beyond, and to Mt. Mizugaki far to the west in Yamanashi. Recently, a hiker friend of mine mentioned that she is hiking the Kanto Fureai Trail, a trail which, according to wikipedia "circumnavigates the entire Kanto Region . . ., stretching about 1,800km." To w

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