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Hike from Nippara to Daikyodaninomine

Greetings cave lovers.  Today was a day that started, appropriately enough, at a cave.  This is the Nippara Limestone Cave.  You can reach it by bus from Okutama Station.   I didn't actually go in the cave this time.  This picture is from the day I did go into the cave.  This was in July several years ago.  It was a superhot day, so I almost froze to death.  Seriously, I thought I was going into hypothermia.  I had taken my bicycle the 40-odd kilometers into the mountains to this cave and I was really hot and sweaty when I went in wearing just my shorts and a soaking wet t-shirt.  Being a cave, it was cool.  It felt like I was in a freezer.   Their site is here: Today, the cave was just my starting point for my hike.  These two boulders in the first pictures are right next to the cave entrance. The trail starts with the red stairs at the bottom of this picture.  That building is part of a temple/shrine complex the trail pa

Culture lesson. Our front door

Here's a tidbit of Japanese cultural knowledge to remember. In Japan, always remember to remove your shoes (and crampons and gaters) before entering the house.  #thisisreallyhowmygenkanis

Coming to Mt. Fuji Day, 2022

  Coming of Age to Fuji Day, 2022 Yesterday was the Coming of Age holiday here in Japan.  Coming of Age Day is to commemorate Japanese people who've reached majority (now 20 years old) in the past year.  Young people return to their hometowns and attend ceremonies.  The girls wear kimonos and the boys wear suits so it is a great day for people-watching. I'm neither Japanese nor 20 so I decided to celebrate the day off in my own way.  I went to Mt. Fuji.   My goal wasn't to get to the top--just halfway.  I've climbed to the top from the 5th Station before but have never actually climbed up to that point.  Doing this enabled me to connect the dots as it were of the paths I have trodden.  Completing this task yesterday was the last stretch of un-hiked road between my home and the top of Fuji.   I left home early and caught the Fujikyu train in Otsuki.  Isn't it cute? This is the view that greeted me when I alighted at Shimoyoshida Station about an hour later.  I reall

Lake Miyagase area. Now leech-free!

Hello cave-dwellers and casual spelunkers. For the last hike of 2021, I dropped by Sagamihara City in Kanagawa to tackle a trail I'd had my eye on for a long time.  I'd wanted to climb Mt. Yakeyama since 2019.  (Yakiyama?  I've seen it written both ways.)  The trail was closed due to typhoon damage most of that time.   The view from Yakiyama (Yakeyama?) was great.  It was there that I spied Mt. Bukka and decided that it had to go on the bucket list. So, I went back to the area and climbed Mt. Bukka yesterday.   For this hike, I started at this park near the Miyagase Dam.  I didn't actually know this park existed until I was passing by it on my way to the other side of the dam where I had initially planned to start.   This park is run by the Kanagawa Prefectural government and looks like a great place for a picnic or some kind of family outing.  There are wide open areas to play on the grass, flowerbeds, gardens, an "adventure forest" and the dam nearby.  It lo