January hike in Yamanashi Mt Takashiba, Yanagisawanoto, Hanzenoto

Went to Yamanashi to hike a lesser-used trail.  It was cold on the way out on my scooter.  

It was about an 18 km walk.  I started at the Daibosatsu Trailhead and hiked up a ridgeline to Hanzenoto.  On the return, I descended to Yanagisawa Pass and walked be along Route 411 to where I started.  The street gave much better views than hiking through the woods had.

Fuji was quite visible today.  I got so many beautiful pictures of it.  It is hard to choose just one or two.

There really isn't much snow around this year.

Took this from the フルーツライン ("Fruit Line"--a road lined with vineyards and orchards) on the way home.

Thanks for looking.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. Stunning layout...great photos, impressive web page layout.

    1. Thank you very much. I've just started blogging and was already thinking of giving up.


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